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Jack was employed into service for the East India Trading Company and was given command of the Wicked Wench. However, after he set free a cargo of slaves, his employer, Cutler Beckett, had Jack branded as a pirate and the Wench set aflame and sunk. After failing to rescue the Wench, Sparrow struck a bargain with the ghostly captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, to resurrect his beloved vessel. Jones returned the ship to Jack in near perfect condition except for the permanently charred hull. This prompted Jack to rename her the Black Pearl


Jack Sparrow just got way cooler.


Yo, this is why Norrington said he’s the “worst pirate I’ve ever heard of,” and then Jack followed it up with, “But you have heard of me.”

Because Jack was branded a Pirate because he freed people rather than stealing anything. So Norrington, with his sense of duty, knows that Jack has been branded a criminal for actively not being a terrible human being. Norrington is torn between his duty as a naval officer and knowing that Jack is right.





I’ve always wondered if God gets excited when we finally find the person He created us to be with. Or if He is watching and is like, “That was them! NO. NO. TURN AROUND! YOU MISSED THEM! THAT WAS THEM!”


We are in a giant reality tv show and God and the angels are the fandom. 

thunderstorms are nothing more than ship wars going on in heaven

#wait this one’s not a redhead, this one’s not mine, why is this kid putting jam on our toast

#I feel like arthur lost track somewhere around maybe percy #and then the twins happened and he stopped trying #jesus christ molly #Twins? #TWINS? #I can hardly tell one buttock from the other #let alone two identical children. #blimey #just damn it #damn it all #i’ll start referring to them as you boy and that one there

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My dreams? To go to Central Washington University in Washington state to study graphic design after I graduate high school. Unfortunately my family can’t afford to help me pay tuition. But I have been doing scholarships, working two jobs, and I have all except $1000 paid for. But there is still hope! I’ve entered a online contest for a $1000 scholarship.

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It means the world to me! Thank you! Love, lyra.

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